Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Japan No 2 from Yakitate Japan Anime!!

Make bread using a rice cooker? Of course it's possible, moreover I have tried it and it was successful! This idea is from an anime called Yakitate Japan and the pictures in this page were taken from its site. So all pictures and recipes are copyright of the makers.

●Bread flour 350gram ●Butter 21gram ●Sugar 21gram ●Milk 35ml ●Water 180ml 
●Dry yeast 5gram ●Table salt 6.5gram

(1) The most important part in making bread is measuring the ingredients carefully, so please make it by measuring them well, ok?!



Table salt



Dry yeast that has been dissolved in the water

(2) Add flour, sugar, salt, water, milk, dry yeast that has been dissolved in water to a rice cooker and knead it.

(3) When it doesn't feel like flour, add butter, then knead it up seriously.

(4) When the mix become not sticky anymore, make it round.

(5) Place it in a warm place for 60 minutes, it's the first fermentation. After that, it will expand like this.

(6) Next, remove excessive GAS. Don't punch with your fist. Just dropping it from 50 cm height is OK.

(7) If the gas has been removed, now is the second fermentation. Again, place it in a warm place for 60 minutes!

(8) Then, turn on the rice cooker button, and it is baked more. After about 60 minutes in rice cooker (firing), one side is baked.

(9) Then turn it over, and cook in rice cooker again for 60 minutes (firing)

(10) Then, after it's baked, turn it over once more, and cook it in rice cooker for 60 minutes! Overall, with 3 times cooking it's done! By just doing these methods, you can eat a freshly baked Japan number 2.

Even though making this wastes time, this freshly baked bread is very delicious, all of you be brave and try this!!

# If you like, even mixing in egg or green tea is delicious, you know!!

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